15 Days of ASOS {Christmas Calendar}

Hello My Lovelies,

Who else is sad that Christmas is over?!

So theres obviously still another 10 days {well technically 9} to go in this little series of mine after todays post.

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while you can probably tell I’m a little inconsistent. I will say I’m planning on doing something and then I won’t end up doing it.

I tend to blame this on being a busy a lot, which is partly true, when I’m at work … but after work. I have free time to do what I want. So really, I have no excuses.

So anyway the next 5 products included some of my favourites.


Number 11 was something I was surprised to find in a beauty calendar because I didn’t feel like it was something that is used by a lot of people, especially on a daily basis.

It was the Bright & Moist eyes by Murine. These are eyedrops which are supposed to brighten & whiten, moisturise & refresh and lastly soothes.

I am actually a big fan of this product. I am still to see it brighten and whiten my eyes however it definitely soothes and refreshes. I love to use this product in the morning, to give myself a bit of a boost, as I spend most of the working day staring at a computer screen.




Number 12 was a little confusing to me I didn’t really know what it was for.

The packaging wasn’t very clear to me. After going on there website I found a whole list of things its supposed to help with – So Im going to give it another chance.

All of the reviews are pretty amazing so I’ll definitely give you all an update on this one.

This product was The Green Balm by MOA.


I’ll update you all!!


Number 13 is cute but definitely not my style. I think Im going to give these to my little sister.

As I haven’t used the product it’s not really fair for me to review this product, especially the quality of them.

The product is Nailcals by DIY Nails.



Number 14 was a translucent powder by the brand Nude by Nature. I’m going to struggle to review this as well because with the tub it comes in is not the best when trying to get a good amount of the product.

From the product I did manage to get on my brush into it seemed like good quality powder.

This product is definitely more on the pricey side.


Give Me


Lastly, we have the 3 in 1 cleanser – Purity by philosophy.

Which is one of my favourites … it smells gorgeous and it leaves my face feeling refreshed and smooth. I don’t think I could praise this product enough.

I love the bottle as well its so cute.


My Favourite!!

Stay Weird … X


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