2 Years With Jay {What I've Learnt}

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you’re doing well and had a great Christmas and New Year!!!

So it looks as if I have to apologise again for the time it took for my recent blog and not finishing my blogmas, although I know you will understand how busy Christmas time can be, so I am sorry – also don’t panic!! I am still finishing my 24 days of the ASOS Christmas Calendar series.

So on Monday, Jay and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. I thought I would do a little blog about that tonight and the things I’ve learnt in my longest ever relationship.

Jay and I have definitely had our fair share of ups and downs and a lot of people didn’t think we would last because of the distance … I guess its safe to say we have proved everyone wrong!!!

I would say I have learnt a lot in my relationship with Jay, as well as grown up whole lot.

So here are a few of the things that I have learnt;

It’s okay to argue

I feel like this is a bit of a taboo subject when it comes to relationships, a lot of couples don’t like to admit they argue with their partner. I don’t exactly know why because its nothing to be ashamed off – Unless you do it an unhealthy amount, of course.

I will openly admit it, Jay and I argue. I can’t say we have big arguments often, but ours are mostly small fights about slight differences in opinions {we are both pretty opinionated}.

‘We just argue because we care …’

My Tip Don’t let your partner go to sleep angry or upset. Its not worth losing sleep over.

Don’t let the bad outweigh the good 

In relationships, lets face it, you can go through some real bad times and some amazing times.

It is important to understand that this is a normal occurrence in a serious relationship, however you shouldn’t let yourself get down because of some bad moments.

My Tip – The good memories are the most important to remember!!


Okay, So I love Jay I really do but there are often times I want to put my headphones on and just block him out. He often gets hooked on watching certain videos and sharing certain photos repetitively for weeks or months at a time.

I can also be very irritable, which obviously doesn’t help his cause.

My Tip – Just be Patient, be understanding. 


Lets just say this, I believe if you don’t have trust, theres no point in being in that relationship.

Ive seen relationship’s crumble around me because of a lack of trust. How can a relationship be fun and loving if you or your partner are unable to trust one another?

One of my favourite things about Jay is how trustworthy he is. I know he would never do anything to hurt me and he is always honest with me.


There is nothing that angers me more than liars. Why would you lie to your partner?

If you would rather go to the gym with your friends instead of going to your partners parents house – Tell Them! No matter how big or small the truth is your partner will appreciate your honesty the most.

Top Tip – Be Honest!! At least there is a better chance of forgiveness.

Support One Another 

This is so important!!

As long as you are able to support your partner you will make it through anything, whether they are not in a very good financial position or if they want to run there own business. Offer your support and show them you will stick by them.

Whatever decisions Jay makes or ambitions Jay would like to reach throughout his life, I will be there to support him through it.

Have Fun!!

Its so important to have fun in your relationship. Travel together! Share your dreams, aspirations and experiences.

Theres two of you. You can have twice as much fun.

My Tip – Don’t suffocate each other, spend some time apart so you can learn appreciate the time you can share together. 

Stay Weird … X


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