24 Days of ASOS {Christmas Calendar}

Hello My Lovelies,

Im sorry its been so long again. Im trying I really am, Promise!!

I have decided I need to become more organised with my blog, so after a bit of thinking and with a few chats with Jay & Paige. I have decided that this is my last Sunday post and from now on I will be posting on a Friday.

I actually feel quite sad writing my last 24 days of ASOS Christmas Calendar. Obviously we are in February now, I think I’ve just been trying to drag it out as long as I can because I’ve been enjoying it so much.

So lets jump straight in … Shall we?!


Number 21 in the ASOS Christmas Calendar had to be one of my favourites in the whole calendar.  It was the Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer, this is basically just a hair mask that you put on wet hair for about 20 minutes before you wash it off and go on with your usual routine.

It adds so much texture and shine to my hair, as well as making it super soft.

This product with the Nuxe Multi purpose oil is just AMAZING!! This has become a bit of a weekly pamper session for me it has definitely become a real important part of my hair care routine.

These 2 products have made such a difference to my hair, I just can’t praise them enough.




Number 22 is the Firming Fiji Facial Oil for dry/sensitive skin.

I was very wary about this product because I wasn’t sure how to feel about using oil on my face, as I can have days were my skin is considerably oily.

This was a real surprise to me, I used this product and it became a real life saver at times.

Unfortunately, I really struggle with dry and sensitive skin so using this, especially in the colder months, has really helped my skin.

This gets rid of the dry patches and provides a lovely soft moisturised feeling. After Ive rubbed the oil in, I will then go in with a bit of cotton wool to wipe the excess of my face.


Try Me


I received the Model Co Lip enhancer. Which doesn’t actually state what colour it is … however it is a lovely nude.

This is a real creamy texture and it doesn’t dry out on my lips, I find that it is a real disappointment when lip products create a drying effect on my lips but this definitely wasn’t a disappointment.


I want to try it


Lastly number 24 was a little mirror from Lottie London. Which is so adorable and it happens to be in one of my favourite colours. I love this as you can never have enough mirrors, its essential to keep one in your handbag.


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Anyway I hope you enjoyed the blog post today.

If you’ve tried any of these products let me know, Id love to hear everyone else opinions.

Stay Weird … X


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