So, clearly you will most be able to tell that this is all new to me. I’m not exactly a typical 20 year old girl, I’m extremely anxious and creating this has taken a lot of persuading … from myself. As I completely lack confidence.
I’ll start with telling you a little bit more about myself. I have a few bizarre obsessions. I believe everyone does, just not everyone is honest about it. The more confident I get with posting, I may decide to go into further details, so I guess you may need to follow my blog to find out more.
The weirdest obsession I have is most probably my love for sharks. They’re such beautiful creatures that I believe are just misunderstood, I know a lot of people will disagree however this is just my opinion. (Secretly I believe I’m supposed to be a shark). I’m not sure if I have made this clear or not, however most people will not consider me to be a normal human being.
I have the most amazing, caring boyfriend I could ever wish to have and I have the most amazing family. All of these relationships have had there ups and downs however this just makes us all stronger.  My dog is called Buster and I tend to refer to him as my child. My family and friends call him my shadow because he never leaves my side and when he does, he wont be gone for long. I don’t have a huge amount of friends however the few friends I have are gems and they all mean so much to me.
My blog posts go up every Friday and every other Monday. The time often varies but I’m working on posting at around 7PM.
Friday posts are normally beauty, fashion or lifestyle related and my Monday blog posts are dedicated to Mental Health. I have been struggling with a Mental Health illness for the past 6-7 years and I have always wanted to share my experiences and tips for anyone struggling, as well as raise awareness for such a ‘taboo’ subject.
Over the course of my blog you will learn about the mental illness that I suffer with, as well as my top tips to battle through whatever life throws at you!
Stay Weird …
Jamie xx