Alternatives to Self Harm

Hello My Lovelies,

How are you all doing?

So obviously as you know, today is mental health Monday.

Ever since I started self harming, I have tried multiple different methods to help myself stop. Some of these were given to me by my mentor in high school and some were just through a little research I did on my own.

Everyone is different so I don’t expect these to work for everyone. Most of them haven’t worked for me but some did help in different ways.

My list of alternatives is pretty big though, so I am going to stretch them over a few blog posts instead of just putting them into one. I hope you guys are okay with that!


The Butterfly Project 

So for those of you who don’t know the butterfly project, it is an alternative of self harm, where you draw a butterfly on your wrist and you name it after a loved one who wants you to get better, they can draw it for you as well if thats the way you wish to do it, however you must wait for the butterfly to fade away. No Scrubbing.

The aim is that when you wish to harm yourself, you see that butterfly and you think of that loved one who wants to help you get better & this can be that little something to make you stop and change your mind. 


Write in a Diary

This one is something that I did for quite a while. I still have the diary to this day. There is no right and wrong answer of what to write in the diary. I know in mine I wrote about certain events that made me want to harm and also where & how I would like to do it. 

I felt like this helped as by the time I’d finished writing about how I was feeling, there were times when the feeling would pass.  

This is probably one of the techniques which helped me the most. 



Go for a Walk 

Okay, so if you’re anything like me and you’re really lazy then this will not appeal to you. Going for a walk, especially with buster, has become one of my favourite ways to avoid hurting myself. Its just so peaceful and when I’m in moods like that I often see things differently, which can be really eye opening. 

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Make a Cheesy Playlist

Okay so following on from going for a walk, my next idea would be to make a cheesy playlist for your walk. Whether they’re really cheesy songs i.e. mysterious girl or just a genuine playlist that will make you happy. Music is one of the best releases for me when Im in a mood like this, especially Of Mice and Men, there music has helped me through so much. 




So this one needs no explaining, sometimes all you need when you want to harm yourself is a good cry. At my worst times I’ve sometimes cried so much that Ive tired myself out and didn’t have the energy to do anything. Obviously theres no saying that this will happen overtime, but I have found that it can be very helpful. 


Don’t forget to let me know if you have tried any of these methods & if you have, did they work for you? I’d love to know. 

Don’t forget this isn’t all of my alternatives, keep your eyes peeled there will be a new post soon. 

Stay Weird … X



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