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Hello There,

Okay, so sadly its back to reality for me tomorrow 🙁

Jays gone back to work and I don’t get to see him until Friday the 8th now. I know to a lot of you that probably does not seem like a long time, but after having the most amazing holiday, 9 days off work together, it will seem like forever to me and him.

So tomorrow is the dreaded day I have to go back to work. During my 9 days off I have been so relaxed and to be honest we haven’t been doing much other than over eating, sleeping and watching movies together, mostly Harry Potter.

Me and Jay also discovered the snap chat filters and had a little bit of fun, I know its a bit late and the filters have been around for a while now, but I’m a little slow. I thought I’d show you a few of my favorites that we took.

My computer had a slight mishap and it just published my post when I was no where near done, so I do apologise for whoever read the first post unfinished.

When Jay is home we spend some time at my house and some time at Jays house. One of my favourite things about going to Jays house is seeing his families gorgeous dog Cassie. She absolutely beautiful and I love her to pieces. Jays family is off to Spain in a weeks time and I am lucky enough to be looking after Cassie for the period they’re away. I absolutely cannot wait and neither can Buster. Buster and Cassie get on like a house on fire and I mean, the more dogs around me the happier I am 🙂

I’m never in a very good mood when Jay leaves, I get quite upset however I have been a bit naughty and I have done some shopping recently, so I’ve been patiently waiting for my parcels to arrive.

Late this evening I received my New Look package, which cheered me up a bit. I thought Id show you what I’d purchased.

I’m a sucker for homeware I absolutely love it !!! I wish I had more room to decorate, although my room is reasonably big so I cant complain.  My favourite thing to buy are candles however my favourites normally come from Primark. When I was browsing the website I saw a lovely pink candle, its scent is pomegranate and blackberry. The only thing I don’t like about this is the wonky label. The candle was £5.00.


I also got some underwear, I wont be showing that individually. If you request me too I may do another haul on them.


I also purchased a calendar. Which is a white open house with pink and blue blocks that have the date written on them which you can change according to the day. This item was £5.00.


The last thing I purchased is a pale blue v neck peplum cami, I’ve never been a fan of peplum tops or dresses however I think this is so flattering. I have to apologise for the creases but I had just got the item out of the packaging . This comes in a few different colours and I am thinking of purchasing some others as I love it so much. This is £12.99.


Sorry this is quite a long post, however I hope you liked it.

If you have any questions about what I brought leave it in  the comments, If you liked the post today make sure you give it a like.

Stay Weird …

Jamie xx


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