Before & After – Room Decoration

Hey Everyone !!!

I’m so sorry its taken me so long to blog again. I’ve been so busy lately with work, life and redecorating my room (as you’ll be able to tell by this blog post today!!!).

I thought I’d show you some before and after pictures of my bedroom.

Most of this work was done by myself and Jay. My mum did help with some bits, showing me how to do certain things. So thank you, to you both!!

At the start of the whole process, I felt as if I would never finish it. As it was just one thing after the other going wrong.

I am so relieved its finally finished. I can now start with buying everyone’s Christmas presents. AS ITS MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR! YAY CHRISTMAS!

We moved into our house almost a year ago now. Sorry for the mess in some of the photos but they’re the only ones I could find, also at that time I didn’t think I would be blogging about it. So here goes …

There will be a few special appearances from my gorgeous little doggy, Buster. As he has to be in the same room as me, or he might lose me.


So as you can see its quite dull and there’s not much colour. So I wanted to add a touch of Jamie to my new room.


I went for a very light pink colour and a feature wall of back glittery wallpaper.

I’ve purchased a shelf to go above my TV, so I can put my PlayStation and some books on it. There’s a few more pieces left to do in the room, but I’m working on it.

Either side of the TV, I want some Coconut Lane wall art, which i’ll be looking to get soon.

{If you see anything you fancy from Coconut Lane – My discount code is driscoll20}

I hope you enjoyed the post today. If you have any ideas for me, questions or any comments on the new room let me know in the comments.

Stay Weird .. xx



Unfortunately, there’s not been many obsessions of Jay’s lately. The next few weeks he cant come home as he’s saving, so he can treat me for my birthday.

He says he’s going overboard as he couldn’t be with me for my last birthday. I’ve told him he doesn’t have too but he’s adamant its what he wants to do. So I have a feeling I’m going to be a very lucky girly on the 24th.

In fact there is one thing that has been a topic of conversation a lot this week. He absolutely loves this video and it makes him laugh hysterically, which I love.



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