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Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you’re all well!!

Overall one of my favourite blog posts to read are ‘current empties’, I think in my head its because its the most genuine. Lets face it, for something to be empty it has to be used a lot …

I can never seem to write these posts because I hardly ever finish products. My routine changes all the time, so none of my products ever get to being empty.

Although this time around Ive managed to group together a few pieces that I have used religiously over the last month or so. Its a mixture of haircare, makeup and skincare.

Ok, before you say anything I know this product has seen better days, but I’m hoping this just shows how much I love this product. This mascara is my ‘Ride or Die’ it has everything I want from a mascara volume, length and jet black colouring.

My mum was the first to recommend (buy me) this mascara and let me tell you now, I always have one in my make up collection, you will not see me without one.

The best thing about the No7 Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara is the wand, as it stops clumping which is a BIG NO NO for me and separates the lashes perfectly.

Would I buy again? If you didn’t get this already OF COURSE I WOULD!

Length? 8.5/10

Volume? 8/10


Next is a travel sized product which I received in my ASOS Christmas Calendar 1 2 3 4 5 and I cannot rant about this enough. The smell, the texture, the packaging … it’s incredible. I only wish it wasn’t a travel sized product that I received because I went through the Amie Exfoliating Polish way to quickly.

Would I buy again? 100X YES

Overall? 8.5/10


If you didn’t already know my hair is what some would call a big frizzy mess … which some would argue is ginger, although I still thinks its 100% strawberry blonde.

I LOVE my hair, I really do. its one of the only things that I LOVE about myself. I have naturally curly hair which grows at an unnatural speed. So I am in no way complaining here because I know some people would be envious of this.

Although along with the curls, comes a large amount of unwanted FRIZZ which I have struggled to control, my whole life.


Ive made some real good friends at work in the past 2 years. One of them, Rebekah happens to be a trained hairdresser and after endless funny, serious and damn right pointless conversations Rebekah recommended Blowout by Bed Head.

Its safe to say I haven’t looked back since, this product is a life saver and will forever be in my hair routine.

Would I repurchase? YES! YES! YES!

Overall? 9.5/10


As you know throughout my blog I sing all of the praises for Soap & Glory, they’re one of my favourite skincare/beauty brands and I love trying new products of theirs.

My skin is hugely sensitive and dry so a good moisturiser is really important for my skincare routine. I came across this whilst I was dragging Jay round Boots, much to his dissapointment.

This moisturiser was perfect for my skin, it gave my face an amazing glow as well as making it hydrated throughout the day/night and the scent was just incredibly.

Would I repurchase? How many more times can I say yes on this post?

Smell? 10/10

Overall? 8/10


Another makeup product I have been loving is the Urban Decay setting spray, which I received as an amazing freebie after purchasing the limited edition UD After Glow Highlighter palette.

As it was a tester, it didn’t last too long but the product has left a lasting impression on me and I will be putting this on my birthday Wishlist.

Repurchase? 100%

Overall? 8/10


Lastly, we have another hair product. This time a hair mask by Philip Kingsley, I only tend to use hair masks maybe once or twice every two weeks, as an extra pamper session.

This product gave my hair a new lease on life. Literally. I think everyone should give this product a try.

Would I repurchase? Absolutely

Overall? 8.5/10


Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or have similar/different opinions to me. I’d love to know!!


Stay Weird … X



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