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Hey everyone!!

Before I start I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Best friend Shelby !!!

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So this weekend Jay came home… it’s safe to say. I was extremely happy and definitely in for another weekend of eating rubbish. I know, TUT TUT!!

If you hadn’t guessed I have the Sunday Blues. Jay had to leave fairly early today and tomorrow is Monday (That’s all I need to say). On the plus side I’m looking after Jay’s dad’s dog Cassie for 3 weeks, as he’s off on holiday. Cassie and Buster are best friends and as Jay always says ‘the more dogs there are, the happier I am’ which I have to admit is true.

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I thought I’d do a little something different today. I thought I’d tell you what I wore, how I did my hair and how I did my makeup on Date Night.

I dressed up a little more than usual Saturday; due to the fact that on Saturday, Jay and I had been together for a year and a half.

We went to The Brache which is our local beefeater and the restaurant we happened to have our first date. Although don’t be upset with me, I was good and I had a steak salad which, may I add was the best salad I’ve ever had!!!!

Okay, So I guess I better get on with the actual blog.

My hair was pretty basic. I used my curlers to curl my hair and I straightened my fringe as I hardly ever have that curly … if I had, I would have looked like a lion. I back combed my hair to try and give it some more volume, however it never works, as my hair is and always will be flat.


My make up took a little longer, don’t get me wrong I love make up … but I’m not a diehard make up fan. I have no problem with going out, without any makeup on. Although if I need a little confidence boost make up always helps.  I’m definitely more of a high street make up fan.

Before I start this, I just want to make sure you all know, just because I use make up … doesn’t mean I use it properly! Don’t judge me.

I covered my face with my Airbonne Intelligence CC Cream foundation, lightly brushed it in using my stippling brush. I then used my Urban Decay, naked skin concealer in Fair to cover my dark circles and my spots. To help give my make up a little more life I used my Rimmel, stay matte pressed powder. As I’m not one for contouring, I just used a little of my L’oreal blusher in 02 Rose to give my cheeks an extra splash of colour. I did a very light pink eye shadow from my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, where I used the shade Dust as the base, burnout in the corner of my eyes and Buzz along the crease. I covered most of that with my Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner pen, as I enjoy having dark eyes; I also marked my waterline with my Soap & Glory Smoulder kohl eyeliner. I used my No7 Extreme Length waterproof mascara on my lower lashes and my Rimmel Glam’ eyes mascara on my upper lashes … to finish the look off I used my Kate lipstick in shade 19.

I was just recently brought a beautiful t-shirt dress from Jay, for our little trip to Brighton.

I don’t think there is anything better than dressing this gorgeous little summer number up.  I paired it with some black Primark tights and my H&M heeled boots (which I am in love with). I also threw over a grey little cardigan, as I don’t trust … good ol’ Luton’s weather. To be honest with you … no one should.  I can’t go out without my bag, just because it finished off my outfit obviously. So I took my pale pink Primark bag with me.

I absolutely loved our night, it was amazing. There’s something about the Brache that makes me and Jay have real deep conversations about the past and also the future. Of course we still have our normal conversations where people would most probably assume we were aloud on a night out by our mental hospital.

Jay was his usual self and laughed for at least 5 minutes after a joke he made or something he believes was funny that he just remembered and me with my cheesy jokes …

Just the way I like it.

I did a bit of shopping this weekend, don’t worry there will be a haul coming your way!!! In the meantime, go and check out Coconut Lane. If anything takes your fancy use my discount code of driscoll20 to receive a 20% discount.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and ask.

I won’t bite, well … we shall see.

Stay Weird …

Jamie xx

P.S. This week Jay’s obsession is the 1973 Robin Hood film and basically the whole sound track of the movie. I must admit its adorable the way he gets so happy when he’s watching the film or singing the songs.

As well as that for his and his friends amusement he filmed me saying ‘hungry are we …..’ just add any second name in it and you get the gist. However, you will never understand the accent if you don’t hear it firsthand.



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