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I thought tonight, I would share with you my hair care essentials.

I have very thick, curly and sadly frizzy hair, sometimes I don’t know what I would do without my some of my products.

I like to keep my hair healthy, so I find the best thing to do is to put on a hair mask, every couple of weeks. My favourite product to use is definately coconut oil. Coconut oil has so many benefits and it can be used for so many different things.

The way I use the coconut oil is to firstly melt some down in the microwave and rub it all through my hair, so its all covered. I put my hair up into a bun and then cover it with a towel turban. I sleep with it in over night and unfortunately, I the have to wake up a little earlier in order to wash it out.

You don’t have to leave it in all night a couple of hours will still do the trick.


I also like to use coconut oil as a natural teeth whitener. I do this using the same method of melting the coconut oil and then I gargle it around my mouth for a couple of minutes.

Another hair mask I use is the Andrew Barton – S.O.S Help Me mask, which I have not used in a long while due to my new found love of Coconut oil.

Now, these two here are something that everyone needs.


We all have those days where we think 2 day hair will be ok, but we are proved wrong that morning when we wake up and realise we’ve made a huge mistake.

Dry shampoo is definately a must have for me. I don’t like to make a habit of using it all the time, unfortunately sometimes it has to be done…

Due to the type of hair I have, hair spray is very important and I go through tons of this product. My favourite are most probably Loreal or Schwarzkopf.

My FAVOURITE EVER hair products are from Aussie. I have so many products of theirs and I love them all.


Obviously, shampoo & conditioner are essentials. I change my shampoo all the time. My mum hates me for this because I go through so much.

I use the Aussie Curl definition to give my curls some much needed volume, it also leaves my hair with some gorgeous shine.

I cannot stop singing the praises about Aussie. As I said at the start of the blog I have frizzy hair, so this Anti-Frizz conditioning milk is my life saver. You don’t need much of this product, however it will most definately calm the frizz.


I like to change my hair up every now and then, so I need some heat protection spray for when I’m using heat on my hair.

Last but not least it’s beach waves, this product provides you with some real loose curls, its basically a salt spray which smells amazing as well.

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