Happy Mothers Day

Hello My Lovelies,

Sorry my post is late this week, but I didn’t have the best day Friday and I didn’t have a post scheduled.

Although, considering the theme of todays post it has kind of worked out for the best.

My mum is my best friend, as well as being the most supportive mother, I could have ever been blessed with.

I thought I would share with you some things my mum has taught me, that I believe have been really beneficial, the older I get.


My mum has been through a lot & she always comes out on top, being as positive as ever. I believe there is no one out there who could define the word strength other then her & when I think of strength I automatically think about my mum. I am so happy to have been surrounded by such positivity whilst growing up.


Honesty, is one of the most important things in all relationships. I have never felt as though I’m unable to talk to my mum & I hope she feels as though she can be honest with me.


I mean, this one is pretty self explanatory. We’re all taught manners in the first stages of socialisation. But I definitely think this is something that needs to be mentioned.


This is one thing my mum does not lack, as much as she believes she does. She is a right stunner, whether she’s dressed up or in her pyjamas because she’s ill. She’s beautiful & its a real compliment when people say they can tell I’m her daughter or that I look like her.


My mum will literally welcome anyone with open arms, when she first met Jay, she welcomed him liked she’d known him for years and thats the same with Paige.


My mum takes pride in everything she owns, mainly her house & the garden, you can definitely see this when you walk into our house, everything is well kept, taken care of  & you can see a lot of time and effort has gone into it.


There are plenty more things that I could say about my mum & how amazing she is, although I think I will leave it as this!! 

How about you comment below the thing you love most about your mum or your favourite memory with them.

Stay Weird … X



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