I’ve mastered the art of not giving a fuck!

So it’s been a hot minute since I have actually sat down and typed a blog post. On one hand I miss it and on the other hand, I like having a long break and no real excuse for obsessing over social media, as at the moment it seems to be getting to a fairly toxic place – engagements constantly dropping and some ‘influencers’ are getting more successful due to buying followers. The Blogosphere just doesn’t seem quite as friendly as when I first started blogging 3 years ago.

On the other hand, this weekend I went on holiday with my family to Great Yarmouth and it was a lovely holiday even if it wasn’t as toasty as we would have liked but I think it’s safe to say that I had a real realisation about myself.

Walking down Hemsby strip there are shops upon shops filled to the brim with touristy bits or in other words, tatt! Of course we had to go into one and it turns out it was a 99p store!

How I wish I could turn around and say I didn’t buy anything but I did! I couldn’t resist! On holiday we were joined by my brother and his girlfriend.

My brother and the memories of my dad are the main reasons that I’m such a big arsenal fan – I know this seems unrelated but stick with me.

Conner came into the shop with Jay & I and soon came to find me with an awful yet amazing hat on his head. I instantly fell in love with it and went back with him to find a matching one, but no luck there was only 1 left. Unfortunately for Conner, yet fortunately for me, Conners’ head was a little too small for the hat so I took the plunge and paid that 99p!

As I came out the shop with this hat on my head – Super Happy with my purchase. I realised as we continued on down the strip that I was getting smirked at and stared at by random passers by.

We stopped off to get some fish and chips during this walk as we were all hank marvin and this is when I realised, a couple of months ago if I had of noticed peoples reactions to the hat – I would have taken it off straight away however not this time!

I sat there on the bench munching some really tasty chips chatting with my family, whilst my little sister was taking the mick out of my hat & no fucks were given!

This seems like such a silly post but I think it’s so important nowadays when you realise you don’t need to live your life trying to please everyone else. It’s your life – Go & live it!

I thought back to myself after this happened and asked whether it was because I was getting older/growing up and I think the answer is definitely.

But let’s face it, what does it really matter as long as we’re happy?!

Stay Weird … X



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  1. April 17, 2019 / 6:36 pm

    I loved this post Jamie, I’m so glad I read it- go you! Holly xx

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