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Jamie Vs. Jay – {Favourite Bands}

Hey Guys ♥

So, today I thought I would do a little something different.
Jay and I had a lovely weekend and I also had a great catch up with Paige over at Paigealiciabeauty.com, Friday Night.

Me and Jay have decided were going to list our Top 5 Favourite Bands and see who’s is more popular. I have no high hopes because we both have slightly different tastes.

Jays – Top 5

  1. The Who
  2. The Beatles
  3. Nirvana
  4. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  5. Oasis

Reasoning; (These are Jays comments – I’m just typing out what he originally wrote)

1 – “The most legendary band of all time, they have invented so many Iconic movements in rock ‘n’ roll, such as smashing instruments, using the ‘windmill’ technique to play the guitar and creating/inventing concept albums. This band connects with me,  and a lot of there early songs like ‘My Generation’ and ‘I cant explain’ are ones I can relate to. The 4 members are completely different characters. I thing Roger Daltrey’s voice makes all the songs sound powerful, especially on songs like ‘Pinball Wizard’ and ‘Who are you’. They’re an absolutely amazing band and they’re the best live band. My favourite album is ‘Who’s Next’.

2 – “The most popular band of all time and rightly so, they’re unbelievably talented lads, singers and songwriters. I wasn’t a fan in the early days but after listening to them more … I’ve fallen in love with them. Its such a shame John Lennon was killed he was a genius. I loved their albums ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, ‘Revolver’, ‘White Album’ and ‘Abbey Road’ – I would mention songs but there’s too many to chose from and we’d be here all day. Paul was a great bass player and songwriter and George Harrison has to be one of my favourite Guitarists”.

3 – “Nevermind is possibly one of my favourite albums. I just love how ‘Smells like teen spirit’ has changed music and brought grunge forward from the underground. That album also has ‘Come as you are’, ‘In bloom’, ‘lithium’ and ‘Polly’ are fantastic songs. Kurt Cobain is also a unique songwriter and has a real distinctive voice. Their last album ‘In utero’ is also fantastic and how it all ended was such a shame. A very talented man.

4 – “Always a band that I’ve enjoyed from an early age, they’re the first band I remember hearing. When I was young my dad used to flick through music channels and ‘Californication’ and ‘By the way’ always used to be on. I distinctly remember the melody from By the way but it was the video game music video from Californication that brings all the memories back. It wasn’t until I was around 15 … I went Chilli’s MAD!! I brought all the albums all at once.  My favourite member is Anthony Kiedis – I tried to copy his long hair but failed! One of the best bands I’ve ever heard”.

5 – “I don’t listen to them much anymore but they’re the band that kicked it all off. Before Oasis I used to listen to popular R&B and Rap (not that I liked it). I remember my dad playing their first album ‘Definitely Maybe’ in the car I fell in love with the album. ‘The Masterplan’ is brilliant and this is also the album that inspired me to play the guitar. Unfortunately after 1996 is started to go downhill but they’ll always be the band that got me into rock”.

Favourite Songs;

  1. The Who – Baba O’Riley
  2. The Beatles – Revolution
  3. Nirvana – Heart shaped box (or where did you sleep tonight) – “This is a cover, but its brilliant”.
  4. RHCP – Californication
  5. Oasis – Acquiesce

My Favourites …

My Top 5

  1. Of Mice and Men
  2. Foo Fighters
  3. The 1975
  4. Coldplay
  5. Mallory Knox


1 – Of Mice and Men are my all time favourite band and they have been for a while now. I am of course in love with Austin Carlile, just like everyone else. I mean who wouldn’t be? I went to see them live in the Brixton academy with my step dad and it was one of my favourite nights. They were amazing, and they definitely made the most of the space they had. The atmosphere was intense. However there is something about there music that can clam me down, no matter what mood I’m in. Of Mice and Men’s music has helped me through so many bad times and I am so grateful.

2 – The Foo Fighters are another band I just cannot get enough of. Funny fact – I had brought tickets with my step dad and his friend to go and see them live in the London – O2 Arena. Unfortunately this was very bad timing … as Dave Grohl broke his leg a couple of days beforehand. I haven’t yet seen them live but I definitely will be seeing Foo Fighters live, One day!!

3 – I have also seen The 1975 Live and I believe they were the first band I went to see with my friends (not parents). I love everything about The 1975 – I’m not a fan of men with long hair, however Matthew Healy … There’s something about it that just works. I love how chilled and calm there music is. I think as much as I can sing there songs at the top of my lungs – word by word. There music is just so peaceful.

4 – Coldplay have been one of my favourite bands since I heard … of course their most known song, you guessed it ‘yellow’. From what I’ve been told my dad was a huge fan as well. I could go though and name song after song but its late so I’m leaving it here.

5 – Lastly, it has to be Mallory Knox who I first heard a few years back when I was browsing YouTube. When I first heard ‘Wake up’ I listened to every other song and that was it. My obsession started. Nothing beats a ginger lead singer either … Mikey Chapman’s voice is just amazing!!!

Favourite Songs;

  1. Of Mice and Men – Pain
  2. Foo Fighters – Learn to fly
  3. The 1975 – Girls
  4. Coldplay – Clocks
  5. Mallory Knox – Wake up

I hope you enjoyed my post and I’m sorry it was posted so late.

Don’t forget to let me know who’s taste you’re more into, Mine or Jay’s.

Stay Weird …

Jamie xx

P.S. This week Jays obsession would definitely be the basic training scene in the 1987 Full Metal Jacket. I agree it’s a great film … just not on repeat.

LINKS:- http://tumblr.bluecornerstore.co.uk/post/134088588551/thatawkardemo-my-emo-bands


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