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    Lazy Sunday 

    ♥ Hey guys,
    So it’s that dreaded time of the night where you realise you have to get up for work tomorrow morning … The horror!!!
    So I thought I’d do a quick little blog post tonight about my lazy Sunday.
    You read that and I know you’ll all be thinking its a lazy Sunday, Surely there will be nothing to write about.
    So basically I woke up early .. For me that’s about 9am, when jays home it can be a lot earlier because he pokes me until I wake up however sadly he’s not home this weekend 🙁 (In all honesty I don’t do early at all)
    Ive basically watched films all day …
    I’ve also spent most the day with my best mate and gym buddy Shelby.
    So I bet you’re still wondering what happened that made me want to blog about my day … I’m starting to forget myself in all honesty.

    Sooo, my dog nearly killed a bird, it was kind of my fault I guess.
    Some may not even find this funny but just know the bird is fine!!!

    In my defence, he’s always running from birds so I didn’t think he’d listen to me.
    Clearly I was wrong.
    I told him to go get the bird … Meaning to go and chase it out of the garden but I think he ended up jumping on the bird. I ran after them to stop anything bad happening and I found the bird stuck in between mine and the neighbours fence, after about 5 minutes I managed to get the bird out however he just ran back in because he was scared of buster …
    I finally saved the bird and I felt terrible afterwards about encouraging buster, but trust me that’s not normal for him.
    Anyway that’s the end of that and it’s back to the gym for us tomorrow …

    I hope you enjoyed my post tonight.
    Stay weird
    Jamie xx

    P.S. My spirit animal is a sloth.




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