Mental Health & The Perfect Companion

Hello My Lovelies,

Todays post is going to be a little different to normal, Im going to talk a little about mental health. I have decided to start a little series, where I talk about some of the things Ive learnt & want people to know about mental health issues.

If you have any subjects that you want me to talk about or any issues you would like me to address, either leave a comment below of contact me via any of my social media.


When you suffer with mental health it is so important to have someone that you can speak to and let everything out.

My perfect companion may be a little different from yours he doesn’t talk, he’s smaller than me and his breath smells a little … well a lot. My companion is a dog, Buster.

He is my shadow, literally. He follows me everywhere and I have to admit its not quite the same when I’m not at home and I can’t hear his paws pit-pattering behind me.

His paw may not be a hand to hold and his barks may not be a response but his silence is always comforting.

During my struggle with depression, anxiety and self harm I have been so lucky to have the support from my family and of course Jay. I am able to talk to them about how I’m feeling … most the time, sometimes I find it that little bit harder. Thats often when I like to speak to my little fella.

Some of you may be reading this thinking that I’ve lost my marbles and Im not disagreeing. Its an ongoing joke in my house at times. I mean … I’m only 20 so if thats the case god help jay and my family.

Everything Buster does brings a smile to my face.ca2c59f401d5e3a0e8d08469d0639033

Coming home from a bad day & being welcomed by my gorgeous little pooch, who has been waiting for me all day, with the biggest smile on his face when my feet hit the welcome mat.

When I was a little bit younger, I would most probably say before I met Jay. Buster was my main way to not keep my emotions bottled up. There were often times where I didn’t want reassurance or sympathy. I would just want Busters company.

I could sit there quietly or I could sit there and tell him everything that was wrong with me … he wouldn’t ask questions, he would just comfort me.


Have you got a perfect companion like me? Send me a picture of you & yours!!

It doesn’t have to be a dog … it can be absolutely any pet.

Stay Weird … X



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