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Hello My Lovelies,

How are you all doing? I know … it’s a Monday, so it probably wasn’t great but at least you were able to look forward to Mental Health Monday!!!

So todays post is going to be a pretty short one, because I think it’s about time I apologise.

I mean I owe it to all of you guys, who read my blog for my sometimes scattered/missing blog posts.

Struggling with a Mental Health Illness can be a full time job and sometimes I struggle to cope. Just like everyone else, I have good and bad days, which I will always try my best to stay strong and get through it all.

My post schedule is every Monday and Friday because I like to keep active for you all, but sometimes that doesn’t quite work out the way I want it too. I like to plan blogs just in case I’m having a bad day/week or even month. Although working a full time job, I don’t always have the time to have a load of blogs planned & ready in case I’m having a rough time.

I will always do my best to post regularly no matter how I’m feeling but I hope you will all understand the times that I don’t have a post up on time. I will always keep you up to date on my twitter, so if you want regular updates, you know where to go. So anyway thanks for sticking by me!

As usual, there should be a new blog post this Friday at a slightly updated time of 7PM.

Ps. I’m currently watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and I am obsessed! I have one season left.

My question for you today is; what season/s are you currently obsessed with? (I’m definitely going to need some new ones to start on after I finish SOA).

Stay Weird … X



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