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Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you’re all doing well, It is Friday after all!!!

I’ve had a slight realisation this week. I often tell myself I should do this that and the other to improve my lifestyle & fitness. However I am not the best at sticking to a challenge.

Ive decided to give myself a couple of challenges. A lot of them I would like to become habits however there may be one or two of them that don’t stick, but I’m definitely ok with that, just creating one habit that may improve my lifestyle will mean I’ve succeeded.


What I want you to do is think of a little challenge you could do … whether its for a week or a month. Challenge yourself to do something that may change your outlook on life & let me know how it goes. How can you improve yourself?

I wanted to share my little goals with you because I want to challenge myself and if I share the experience with you, I can hopefully help some of you guys reach a goal whether its big or small. No matter how hard it may be, with enough hard work and dedication you WILL SUCCEED.

So the worst habit I have gotten into is not giving myself a lot of time to get ready in the morning. I am not a morning person and I don’t think I ever have been. I start work at 8.30, my taxi picks me up at 8.05 and I often only get out of bed at 7.50. So as you can imagine, I just throw on some clothes, clean my teeth and run out the door. Which isn’t the best start to my day because I don’t get to properly wake up before work.

My plan is to wake up each morning at 7 (latest 7.20 am), get some breakfast, a cuppa coffee and do my make up. This way I will get a much better start to my day. 


Following on from this, one reason I probably struggle getting up in the morning is probably because I go to bed way too late. Can you remember when you hated having a bed time when you were still at school? I kind of wish that was still the case. Thats just another reason I don’t like being an adult.

I’m giving myself a bedtime! I know I’m 20 years old and I’m telling myself I need to go to bed by 11, but if that helps to start my morning off in the right way then, I’m definitely up for it. 

I absolutely love reading. I definitely read more in the summer for some reason, Ive been known to sit and read a whole book in a day if I get into it.

A little challenge I want to give myself is to read before I go to bed, whether its a page to a chapter. I want to start reading more.

In school I would make excuses after excuses as to why I couldn’t run, I avoided it like the plague. I find it very hard to do with my anxiety. However, for Jay it is quite important to keep his fitness up so he goes out running, since being with Jay I have built enough confidence to go running. It started with going running with him and now I can do it without him.

I want to challenge myself to go running twice a week. 


I have struggled for a while trying to pass my driving theory test. I always fail by about 1 or 2 points. I do not test well at all. There is nothing more I want at the moment than to pass my theory test and I will pass it!

I will revise for at least an hour every night. 

Everyone has their weaknesses when it comes to food & drink. Whether its chocolate, crisps, biscuits or even alcohol. I think mine would definitely be fizzy drinks, I drink way too many fizzy drinks, its probably not doing my teeth any good.

Im going to cut out fizzy drinks {My only exception is when I eat out or have a take away}. 


I’ll be sure to let you know how well I do with this in the near future.

I hope you enjoyed my post today! Have a great weekend guys.

Stay Weird … X


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