My Tattoo Obsession

If you’re not following me on Instagram, you may not know but I have just added tattoo number 6 to my ever growing list and trust me there will be more.

So far I have an infinity sign, saying stay strong 

I have lilies for my mum 

(The above 2 artists no longer have a shop, so I can’t credit them – however, the other 4 and hopefully, all of my future tattoos have & will be done by Nick Iovene)

The Celtic cross is one of my favourites, as its a memorial piece for him. 

Cornelius who is my skull surrounded in flowers.

A rose on my foot.

& My latest is a matching tattoo with my bestie that says – Stay Smiling ;

I am a huge lover of tattoos and I know a lot of people aren’t. I used to be one of those people who would constantly say ‘If I’m going to get a tattoo it needs to be meaningful’ now I think I disagree with that, tattoos are art especially if they’re done by the right artist, so it doesn’t matter what you get.

I have so many ideas and plans but unfortunately I have to be careful with the money side of things.

Getting a tattoo can be a lengthy process which can be quite stressful and tiring, so I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks throughout the whole tattoo process.

Your Artist

It is so important to know and trust your artist when you’re getting a permanent mark on your body. I would personally recommend not getting a tattoo if you’re not sure about your artist for any reason, whatsoever.

The way I look at it is; would I be able to give my artist full reign of my tattoo if I told them what I wanted?

If you have to search through hundreds of Instagram/Facebook profiles to find your match, do it! I can’t stress this enough. Don’t try to shorten the process because I can guarantee that you will regret it.

Have a look at the artists recommendations and reviews;

Do they have a friendly atmosphere?

Are their prices reasonable?

Most important – Are they sanitary?

If any of you guys want to check out my artist, you can do here; 
Shops Website 
Personal Instagram 
Shops Instagram 

Your Design

Do you know exactly what you want or do you just want a tattoo?

Either way have a look for some inspiration … Pinterest is my fave but there are so many ways to do this!

Hashtags on Instagram, tattoo artists, Facebook pages and so on …

If there is anything you don’t like about the design you have chosen, let the artists know and they can change this, remember it’s permanent! Be sure of your choice!

Your Booking

From previous experience, if you’re booking anytime off work to get a tattoo, if it’s over 2 hours book the full day off.

For sitting/laying down for hours on end it really does take it out of you, you will want to go home and just sleep.

WRITE IT DOWN! Don’t forget about your booking!

Make sure you double check your booking with your artist a couple of days before, artists are continuously drawing up tattoos for clients and booking new ones in, so you want to make sure they are still aware of your booking and the design you want.

Ask your tattoo artists how long your session is and how much they charge, so that you can prepare and have the money ready.

On The Day …

Eat Breakfast! A big breakfast.

Get the cash out ready and makes sure its all there – most tattoo artists only take cash.

Take yourself some food and drink for throughout the session, there is nothing worse than a grumbly tummy for everyone to hear!

Make sure the food and drink you take are high in sugar – Trust me it will help.

Purchase some antibacterial soap and some Preparation H or Bepanthan.

Depending on where you are getting your tattoo, get some loose clothing.

Take a friend, to keep the session fun!

On the Day

There have been loads of people who have asked me this question after my tattoo ‘shouldn’t you still have the cling film over the tattoo’?

When the tattoo has been completed, the artist will put some cling film over it, if they feel it’s necessary and to be honest my artist Nick says that you can take it off when you get home. 

When you take the film off make sure you wash your new tattoo with the anti-back soap and gently pat it dry with a clean towel. You need to then apply a generous amount of cream to the tattoo, so it doesn’t dry out!

The Creams that I have used on my tattoos are; 

Preparation H



Elbow Grease 

Don’t have a bath for 2/3 weeks after your tattoo – I don’t know the method behind this one but heyyyy … Don’t Panic! Of course, you can have a shower.

Your tattoo will get itchy! VERY ITCHY! It’s important that you don’t itch it no matter how much you want to. My best tip is to tap the tattoo like you would towel dry it when it gets too catchy to cope!

Wash and apply the cream 2 to 3 times a day for a couple of weeks until your tattoo has healed fully.

Then all you need to do is enjoy the tattoo and show it off!

Stay Weird … xx



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