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♥ Hey Everyone,

I’m pretty sure I’m always starting my blogs off with, I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while and today there’s going to be no change. I am sorry it’s been a while but I’ve been working hard and also playing hard 🙂

My blog today is going to be about one of my favourite places … Brighton.

People always ask why I love it so much and my only answer really is because I love being by the water. Brighton is the first holiday Jay and I went on together, I’d been there in pervious summers with some old friends of mine. The only difference is me and Jay went in December 2015 and we had a lovely time.

We stayed at the most amazing hotel and we even got a free room upgrade due to the fact it was so quiet with it being winter and all.

However we did end up spending a fortune on the mini fridge goodies … What can I say?? We just couldn’t resist them!

I’m going to attach some photos from our December 2015 trip to Brighton.

Anyways enough babbling for me, I was writing this post to tell you the things Jay and I did in Brighton this time round.

So we planned to go in the summer, when the weather would be nice, so we booked it in June however the weather wasn’t the best, but I guess on the plus side the heavens didn’t open, it was just a little gloomy.

We still made the most of it though!!

So when we arrived after a long 2 and a half hour train journey, we got a drink in a fairly local pub so Jay could watch some football.

We got a little peckish so we walked towards the water and found a wetherspoons, this happens to be one of Jays favourite places. During our short trip, we did end up going here twice … Don’t Judge, the foods good and its reasonably priced.

We then made our way down to our hotel and got settled in. I then decided I really wanted to play crazy golf which turned into a long 30 minute walk down the beach which was actually quite nice. On the way to mini golf we got an ice cream each, I took about 2 tastes of my ice cream before it fell off and left me eating an empty cone.

Brighton - June 2016 030

On the plus side I won at Crazy Golf…


After Jay lost gracefully, PAHA !! we went back to our hotel so Jay could watch the football again … I wanted him to enjoy himself so I carried on reading my book. Which may I just say I would 100% recommend, as I read Zoe Sugg’s Girl Online in 2 days.

We also had fish and chips twice, when we go away we tend to eat a lot of fast food…

The next day we went to the pier and had a look around, we paid to go onto the haunted house ride and part way through the ride stopped and we were sat inside for about 5 minutes before anyone came to rescue us. Jay and I were having a bit of a laugh because we weren’t sure whether it was part of the ride or not. Some maintenance person finally came and got us, apologised a few times and put the money back on our card.

Jay also won me a panda on a penalty shoot out game on the pier.

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We decided to use the card on one of the mini rollercoaster’s but we couldn’t go on this one either, because it was too windy. So Jay saw a ride that literally made me shake, as I was so scared with the thought of riding it. But once I got on it I loved it and I wanted to go on it again but we decide to take a walk into the shopping centre and had lunch at ED’S Diner (my favourite) and I had an offer which offered us 50% off.


Here I’ve linked a video of the ride –

Jay then brought me a new book because I’d finished Girl Online and he had more football that he wanted to watch ;). I picked All The Bight Places by Jennifer Niven, which happens to be one of Zoes top 8 reads from her book club. This book is heartbreaking but it is such a good book I loved it and again read it in about 2 days.


I made Jay take me to see Me before you with Emilia Clark and Sam Claflin and of course Matthew Lewis in spandex … who’s complaining? Definitely not me. This is such a beautiful film and I want to watch it over and over again. Just a little warning, if you’re anything like me you will cry, so take some tissues.

I actually dressed up a little bit to see this movie, god knows why I like to be comfy when I’m watching films but I absolutely love this dress.

The next day we went to see The Conjuring 2 and I don’t think I have ever seen Jay hiding behind the hood of his jumper … but now I have. I am a huge fan of horror movies but clearly he’s not.

I’m not too sure if this is a common sight to see in Brighton but when I saw it, my initial thought was why on earth does this even need to be a sign. See for yourself …

Brighton - June 2016 072

After this we took a walk down the beach and collected our bags from the hotel.

We then jumped on the train and headed home.

That was the end of our holiday 🙁

Anyway I do apologise this has been a bit of a mumbled mess but I hope you like it!!!

Thanks or reading!!

Stay Weird … xx


P.s. Jays new obsession is Arsenal Fan Tv .. He’s not even the Arsenal supporter, I am. But these videos keep him amused for hours on end.


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  1. Granma
    June 21, 2016 / 10:20 pm

    I’m So pleased you enjoyed it, that was, where we were going the day after I broke my Leg at camp I so wanted to go, Glad you enjoyed it, love Granma XXXX

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