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Destination /// Paris


So I have just recently got back from a lovely trip from the city of romance … Paris.

I have to admit, I can only speak a few words of French so I left all the talking down to Jay, who also knows very little but he knows a lot more than me. However during my trip I learnt a few words of French. I learnt the words: ‘descente’ which means the way down and ‘sortie’ which means way out. I know its not that impressive but I am a very slow learner.

I thought I would share a few pictures from my trip and also explain where we went and what we did. This was a short 3 day trip however this was the perfect amount of time to experience and visit the places we wanted to see.

So the 4 main things me and Jay decided we wanted to go and see were;

The Louvre Museum

The Eiffel Tower

The Arc De Triomphe

The Notre Dame Cathedral

I can successfully say that we managed to see them all and they were all beautiful sights, that should not be missed.

My favourite had to be The Eiffel Tower. It was amazing especially at night, when it was all lit up. We finally made it up to the top on our last night in Paris. I would recommend using the lift and not climbing the stairs!!! Both times we went up we used the lifts, as the lifts have windows you can see the poor faces of people who thought it would be a good idea to climb the stairs. However I know some people believe this is the best way to view the wonderful sights of the city, but a bit of advice for all those lazy people out there … like myself.

Take the lift 🙂

I should probably explain why we ended up going up The Eiffel Tower twice. The first time we went up Jay had a little bit of a realisation that he didn’t like the lifts that take you up to the tower. So he said he weren’t going up to the top, to my disappointment 🙁 He said I could go up, but there was no way I would be going up alone.

After a brief phone call with his dad later that night. He decided he would have to face his fear as ‘I cannot let him beat me’ as his dad had made it to the top when he visited Paris.


I know Jays favourite thing to see was The Arc De Triomphe. This is an incredible piece of architecture which I would describe as a MUST SEE !!! However I must say this is surrounded by one of the scariest looking roundabouts I think I have ever seen .. So make sure to use the underpass !!

The view from the top of The Arc De Triomphe is incredible so I would recommend paying a little bit extra to get a wonderful view of The Eiffel Tower from a slight distance. The stairs are unfortunately unavoidable … you have to climb to the top. I originally thought the climb was not worth it and then I saw the view from the top. My legs were jelly about half way up the stairs and Jay had to pull me up the rest of the way however when you reach the top and you see the view . THE PAIN IS WORTH IT, TRUST ME !!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It was a long walk to both The Louvre Museum and The Notre Dame Cathedral. However Jay managed to get us closer to both using the Metro. Which is not easy if you do not read or speak French.

As we soon found out … We got lost using the metro and we also ended up further away from our final destination.

During our trip me and Jay did start to annoy each other … Mostly him. He repetitively hummed the Wallace and Gromit theme tune, which did start to get on my tits 😂 however that’s just his personality and no matter how annoying he can get … I still love him to pieces.

He likes to see what reactions he can get out of me because apparently I have a short temper. He says I have little man syndrome …

One bit of advise The Louvre Museum is absolutely huge, make sure you get a map to help you find your way around. Me and Jay got lost trying to find the Mona Lisa!!



I hope you like my first blog post. If you have any questions or want to share any of your experiences with me, go ahead I’d love to hear them.

Stay Weird …

Jamie xx




  1. March 29, 2016 / 10:01 am

    I want to go to Paris, looks beautiful! On my bucket list 🙂 x

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