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Product Review: Highstreet make up – Maybelline Fit me! 

Hello my Lovelies, 

Today I’m doing my first product review. 

I picked this bargain up in my local chemist. 

This product is £5.99 and it is the Fit me! Maybelline liquid foundation. I brought it in shade 105, because unfortunately my skin resembles a milk bottle. 

I am very impressed with this foundation. It is so affordable and it is a wonder to work with. The shade matches my skin perfectly (which is hard to find). 

My favourite thing about this foundation is that it doesn’t feel too heavy and it is easy to wear in the summer which is something I find quite hard with foundation. Don’t get me wrong most the time in the summer, I don’t bother with foundation because I like having a fresh face – to try and get some sort of colour. (HINT, HINT – It never happens) 

The only issue, I see with this foundation – not an issue for myself, however for anyone who likes a full and maybe heavier coverage, a few layers may have to be applied due to its light coverage (I’m aware I keep repeating myself, just try it and you’ll understand). 

Overall I love this foundation due to the light coverage and perfect colour match. 

I’m a huge fan of Highstreet make up, as I don’t have a budget that is willing to stretch as much as I would like it to 🙁 I will definitely try to branch out and do some high end make up reviews. 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my post tonight. If you enjoyed it give it a like and if you have any questions just comment below. 

Stay weird … Xx 


P.S. Jays obsession this weekend is voicing over films. To some it may not sound weird, but those others who get it – please let me know you understand. 😂



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