Professional Looking Nails for Less

Hello My Lovelies,

How are you all doing?!

So I recently went to Primark and discovered some cheap alternatives to something that I know a lot of you guys spend over the odds on. I do as well so I can’t really talk. I mainly pay to get my nails done, because my real ones are so short, as I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember. Its a horrible habit, I know.

I love getting my nails done because when I have nails on I don’t bite them, they look pretty and my real nails actually grow! I just hate having to spend around £25 on them.

I was intrigued when I saw these nails in Primark because I’d never seen primarks own, PS nails before. I saw them first in the Bletchley Primark, which has to be my favourite, only because its the biggest one Ive been too and its not too far from me.

First off, their selection was incredible, there were all sorts of shapes, lengths and colours for only a £1. They also did a metallic collection which were £2, well the pack I got was anyway.


I never trust the glue that comes in the pack, so thankfully they sold separate pots of glue which were ONLY 60p!!!



I was sceptical when I first picked up the nails because I wasn’t sure what quality they would be … but my word am I surprised. I put the nails on Saturday 6th May and they are still on today, so they have lasted just over a week. I have had to replace two of them but I feel like thats a little price to pay for only spending £1.60 on a ‘professional looking’ set of nails in the first place.

These nails have become one of my new favourite obsessions. The only issue I had with them was that the metallic pair were quite flimsy compared to the rest that I had brought, however my mum loved the colour so she used them and she is also loving them as well.


P.S. Please excuse the graze on my knuckle. What can I say? Manual labour is not for me.

Stay Weird … X



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