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    Roadtrip – Destination /// Devon

    Hello My Lovelies,

    How are you all doing this evening??

    Today I thought I would share with you a little blog post about mine and jays road trip to Devon.

    We went to Devon to go and see Jay’s Nan. We stayed for around 3 days and we had a lovely time. The weather wasn’t the best, however it could have been a lot worse.

    The journey was about 4 hours long and as you can see from the photos, the weather changed so quickly it was as if someone was switching it on and off.

    We drove down to Devon on Saturday morning and we arrived at around 5pm. We sat and had a cup of tea with jays nan Pat before we headed down to the local pub to watch the Arsenal v Liverpool game. I am the Gooner and Jay supports Liverpool so its always quite funny watching those games together, although I must admit Jay was a little smug after the results.

    Afterwards we headed to a local chip shop, as you can guess there are quite a few in Devon. However ‘Squires’ is one of the best chippy’s I have ever been too.

    On Sunday we went shopping, much to Jay’s disappointment. He had promised me a trip to Primark though, so it’s kind of his fault. I got a few bits but the shopping is nowhere near as good in Barnstaple as it is in good ol’ luton.

    IMG_1071After shopping we got a bite to eat in Wetherspoons and then went for a drive by the sea. At this point the wind was absolutely ridiculous, I tried to open the door which swung open so wide I wasn’t able to close it. When I managed to finally close the door I then shut my hair in it, as a little person I struggle with strong winds like that …

    Later that night Pat took us out for the most amazing carvery. We had a wonderful night. fullsizeoutput_6f2IMG_1073On Monday Jay wanted to take me to Ilfracombe to show me around. It wasn’t the best of days for the weather, it was just raining non stop. So to no surprise we went to get some breakfast in another Wetherspoons, although we were 6 minutes too late to get anything from the breakfast menu, this did not sit well with me.IMG_1078fullsizeoutput_6f3When the rain started to calm down we took a walk by the side of the sea. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of walking up this hill at first but I was actually so taken aback by the views, I had to continue to the top by the flag. Even though the weather was still pretty gloomy it was gorgeous.

    We also went to the arcades and probably spent way too much money on silly little games, but on the plus side I won a teddy on the claw machine, unfortunately it wasn’t the darthvader one Jay wanted.

    Due to the weather, we ended up taking cover and we played a couple of games of bowling and pool.

    Squires was so good the first time, we had to go back for a 2nd, eat in meal.

    Tuesday morning we started our 4 hour journey home. Id never seen Stonehenge before so he decided we’d take a drive by.fullsizeoutput_70efullsizeoutput_6f6fullsizeoutput_6f7fullsizeoutput_70dfullsizeoutput_70cfullsizeoutput_70ffullsizeoutput_6fbfullsizeoutput_710fullsizeoutput_711fullsizeoutput_713fullsizeoutput_714fullsizeoutput_715fullsizeoutput_716fullsizeoutput_717fullsizeoutput_720fullsizeoutput_762fullsizeoutput_760fullsizeoutput_764fullsizeoutput_766fullsizeoutput_768fullsizeoutput_76cfullsizeoutput_76efullsizeoutput_781fullsizeoutput_772fullsizeoutput_776fullsizeoutput_778fullsizeoutput_77eIMG_1135fullsizeoutput_750fullsizeoutput_77cIMG_1149IMG_1156IMG_1158IMG_1159

    Have a good weekend guys!!

    Stay Weird … X



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    1. Tracey Gillon
      March 10, 2017 / 7:31 pm

      Looks great. We’re of to ultrasound in May. See if the weather is any better for us xx

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