The Best Moments of Christmas

Hello My Lovelies,

Today I thought I would talk to you about some of my favourite moments around Christmas time.

The Build Up

I think the obvious favourite is the build up to Christmas. I know some people aren’t fans because it means stressing out about getting everyone presents and arranging who’s going where and who’s seeing who but I feel like this time is when the atmosphere is the best, other than Christmas day obviously, but the other good thing about the build up, is theres more of it!!!! 24 days to be exact.

Advent Calendars

No matter how old you are, you’re never too old for an advent calendar and if you use that as an excuse you’re lying to yourself. I myself like to get a beauty calendar but I will also buy myself and Jay a chocolate calendar. Although Jay is a typical lad who eats it all in one go which kind of defeats the point.

Christmas Shopping 

I know. Is she crazy, who enjoys Christmas shopping?! I normally start shopping way too early because I like to be prepared. I think I brought my first present in August – but that is just because I saw something so perfect for someone that I didn’t want to go back a few months later and not be able to get it.

I did most of my Christmas shopping online this year, because lets face it, it’s stressful and normally way too busy for my liking. So just avoid the stress by not leaving your bed, thats how I did it.


Christmas Films/Music

You guys all know how much I love Christmas films and music because Ive done a blog about both of them. Christmas is not complete if I do not over watch Home Alone and Elf or bore myself to death with my Christmas playlist. If you can’t get into the festive mood with a good sing along or movie marathon, Who are you Scrooge?



You cannot beat decorating. This is basically when Christmas starts. This is my favourite thing to do with my mum around this time of year. We will always end up having an argument over which tree is the best & we will not buy a tree if we cannot see what it looks like outside of the netting.

Although, when it comes to decorating the tree, I don’t touch that side of things because we all know how mums get when you place an ornament in the wrong place …

But I do come in handy when I turn into spider man when I have to climb the walls to get certain decorations and lights up.

Jays Home

Jay is one of the lucky ones who seems to have a couple of weeks off around Christmas. Which is a benefit for me because I can see him more than usual.



Buster is my best friend and he has been for as long as I can remember, every year I spoil him with presents … mainly so I can watch him open them. Yes, he opens them himself!! He does need a little help from me but it is the most amazing thing to watch, I love it!!



I love giving presents. More than I do receiving them, because I like to put effort and thought into choosing my loved ones the prefect presents. The reactions on their faces when they open my presents show that they know a lot of thought went into the present and you can see they appreciate it.

Family/Friends&Board Games 

As I’ve mentioned before Christmas to me is about spending time with your loved ones. I asked Jay his favourite moments during Christmas (FYI – He’s The Grinch) and he said the same, its all about family.

The thing I like doing most with my family on Christmas Day is playing board games. We’ve done it for a while now because everyone enjoys it. Its also extra funny when were all drunk.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my favourite moments at Christmas Time. Why don’t you let me know yours in the comments below?

Stay Weird … X


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