The Christmas Tag

Hello My Lovelies,

How are you all doing?

Who’s finished there Christmas shopping?

Today I thought I would do a quick little post, which is the Christmas Tag, so let’s get straight back into it!

Use one noise to describe how excited you are for Christmas. 


For anyone who knows me, you know I am the biggest Christmas Lover ever. Although this year, unfortunately, Jay has been sent away for 6 months so I just want it to be over and done with so I can see him.

Gutted. Doesn’t quite cut it!

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

I can’t say it’s a tradition but my mum has sometimes been known to give us a pair of christmassy PJ’s on Christmas Eve, but other than that not really.

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?

Shopping for the Christmas Tree with my mum. This is something I absolutely love to do, we normally always buy a real tree and there are definitely lots are arguments about whos tree is the best!

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Deffo Real. I feel like one of the best things about the Christmas tree is the smell.

What is your favourite Christmas film?

Elf, The Grinch, Home Alone, The Holiday and The Polar Express!

I’m sorry! I don’t have a favourite if I could list them all I would. 


Where do you usually spend your holiday?

At Home!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Again, I wish I could list them all … but if I had to pick just one, Fairytale of New York.

What is your all-time favourite holiday food/sweet treat?

Pigs in Blankets and of course cheese, crackers & pate!!

Be honest: Do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

I love receiving presents but not as much as I love buying people gifts, I just love picking gifts for people.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

The build-up to Christmas, you can see my post about it here! and I have to say the sales/discounts. I’ve been looking around Superdrugs gift section and the price drops are crazy I want it all for myself!

When do you start getting excited about Christmas?

As soon as Halloween is over …

What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

How am I supposed to remember that?

What is the worst present you’ve ever received?

I’m pretty sure my mum put an orange in my stocking one year as a joke. Does that count?

As a kid, did a sibling ever receive a present that you wished was for you?

Not that I can remember no, although I’m sure there has to be something Conner got that I wanted. We fought a lot so it wouldn’t surprise me.

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

New York! My word that would be a dream.

Most memorable Holiday moment?

My memory is shocking … No Idea.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you stick to them?

Yes & No, not always!

What makes the holidays special for you?


What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

Eating Christmas Dinner, opening presents and watching Christmas Films.

You have been granted one Christmas wish…what will it be?

That Jay doesn’t have to be away for 6 months!


Stay Weird

Jamie xx


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  1. December 11, 2017 / 10:30 am

    I’ve loved reading everyone’s Christmas tags this year. My mum and I always decorate our tree together so I guess that’s a tradition & I firmly prefer giving presents because I always work so hard on buying people the perfect gifts xxx

  2. December 11, 2017 / 10:47 am

    I feel like maybe you secretly went from meh to its alright in this post haha. I love Elf mainly because my mum pretends she hatea Will F but I always find her secretly watching it every year. I don’t know why she denies it she watches all his other films too!

    Jen xx

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