The Frizzy Diaries; Garnier Ultimate Blends – The Sleek Restorer

How hard is it to find a product that works for you nowadays?

I know a lot of people may disagree because there are so many brands targeting specific problem areas. Cleansers for ‘oily’, ‘dry’ and ‘sensitive’ skin. Shampoos & Conditioners for specific colours and lengths.

As much as its nice having a choice …

‘Money doesn’t just grow on trees’

I can’t buy a moisturiser and just replace it if it doesn’t work with my sensitive skin. Chances are I will need to wait until the next month in order to try a new one.

As it is I’m a bargain hunter, I love ‘cheap’ finds although it’s getting increasingly harder to find a product that works for me.

Lately, my hair has been causing me some problems and it’s quite frankly driving me mad. I have long, curly/frizzy, thick hair in an auburn/strawberry blonde/ginger shade – yes that’s a mix but people often argue about what colour my hair is, so you can choose what you want to call it.

Now I love my hair and for years, hairdressers have been complimenting my colour saying ‘you don’t know the amount of people who come in here asking for your colour and are let down when we explain it’s just not possible’ however for someone who doesn’t use heat often I constantly have heaps of splits ends and my hair is becoming super dry. I know the heat could be a large factor, however, I have never had this problem.

So in true Jamie style, I googled ‘Products for dry hair’ one of the most common results was the Garnier Ultimate Blends – The Sleek Restorer.

I haven’t tried this product before but I am a fan of the brand and the price also helped with the decision. So I set off and took a trip to Superdrug to find these hopeful contestants. To my joy, the exact shampoo and conditioner I wanted had an offer on ‘3 for 2’ I believe, so I decided to get the hair mask as well.

I feel like a hair mask is a perfect little treat for a pamper evening and I have always found hair masks have always helped when my hair needs a little extra TLC. My all-time favourite hair mask is the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Deep Treatment.

Am I the only one who looks for products that are aesthetically pleasing?

This is a review for the Garnier Ultimate Blends – The Sleek Restorer, these products were bought with my own money, not gifted nor am I working with the brand, as much as I would love to be.

The containers, I must admit I don’t find the prettiest, although they do what they’re supposed to so when it comes to functionality, obviously they’re great. I personally think a bottle with a bizarre opening, can actually push me away from a product. So Garnier has won me over there. I don’t want to use my teeth or have to dry my hands in order to open a bottle of shampoo or conditioning which should be designed for use in the shower, with wet hands!

The colour is a little ‘MEH’ as it’s kind of the colour of mud, but I get where they were heading with the packaging as the main ingredient is cocoa. It’s just not my taste, but let’s face it as much as nice packaging is cute its irrelevant for the product inside. I think that’s just the blogger in me coming out!

Chocolate by far is my ‘downfall’ and it always has been. The taste, the variety, the smell … Don’t get me started on the smell – when Paige got me the Two Faced chocolate bar palette my nose didn’t move away from the shadows for a full 5 minute straight. The shampoo, conditioner and mask are cocoa scented and smell lovely although, it doesn’t leave a long lasting smell. When applying My Lord I am in cocoa heaven. An hour or so later, to get a cocoa ‘fix’ I’d need to go back and smell the bottle.

The texture of both the shampoo and conditioner are pretty watery, so I find I have to be real careful when squeezing some into my hands, so I don’t waste a load of product, but it’s pretty easy to control when you’re used to it.

As for the product itself, a little gets you a long way! For someone with long hair, I often find myself going through shampoos and conditioner’s monthly, if not quicker than that – which is why I buy separate ones from my mum now so I’m not rinsing hers to the bitter end. I bought the product around a month ago and so far I still have more than half a bottle left – YAY!

The mask does provide a moistening effect on my hair, ideally, I’d like for this to last but it wears off very quickly.

Overall, it’s an average product, with a gorgeous smell & at a great price. The longevity of the product’s scent could definitely be improved but I don’t think I would jump at purchasing this again.

Stay Weird … X



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