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Top 5 Favourite -Female Youtubers

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’ve had a great weekend, its that time of night where its getting closer and closer to having to go to bed …which means I have to wake up for work tomorrow, which I must say puts me in a pretty shitty mood 🙁

Anyway, I had a lovely weekend. Jay came home and we spent some quality time together. We did the usual of over eating and annoying each other (our favourite things to do). We went on a date to one of our favourite places, The Baltistan which I would recommend to anyone who lives in the Luton area,  the staff are so friendly and the food is amazing.

Jay has now become obsessed with a new video on YouTube called Aussie Commentary. Which I will link below. The first few times I watched this video I was in tears with laughter. However an endearing part of his personality is he repeats things until the bitter end … So I no longer find it funny but he does and he knows it word by word.

If you are easily offended I would recommend you don’t watch the video and just carry on reading.

Anyway to get to what the blog post is supposed to be about, my top 5 favourite female YouTubers. I have spent my entire night watching my favourite YouTube videos and I thought I would share this with you all.

My Favourite YouTuber has to be …


Photo taken from – https://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390


Zoe Sugg has always been my favourite YouTuber. I think she is so beautiful and funny. I envy her life. Her videos can always cheer me up especially her collaborations. Whenever December comes around I get so excited to watch her Vlogmas, although I’m not embarrassed to admit that I can watch them all year round.


Photo taken from – https://twitter.com/helenanderz


My favourite thing about Helen is her style. My favourite videos are her vlogs because in them you see her day to day life, she doesn’t hide the struggles she has. She is so motivational and I just lover her videos.


Photo taken from – http://www.setbyus.com/instagram/tag/Jazzybum


I have only just tonight found Jasmine on YouTube, however she is now one of my favourites. She is so bubbly and beautiful. I have been watching her videos all day today! My favourite videos of hers are her Primark hauls and her DIY videos.


Photo taken from – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/328903579012496970/

#4 – Gabriella Lindley

I am a huge fan of Gabriella Lindleys vlogs. She is a huge Pretty Little Liars fan, just like myself. Her Primark range is also amazing, however I haven’t been able to purchase any. I would recommend for you to go and have a look.


Photo taken from – http://weheartit.com/fangirlsland/collections/26184241-meghan-rienks


Last, but definitely not least. I love Meghan Rienks to bits, however I don’t have a favourite type of video that she does. I do love her cooking videos but there is such a range of different videos, I cant pick my favourite.

Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog tonight!!

Stay Weird …

Jamie xx


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