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Warner Bros. Studio Tour /// Picture Diary

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you’re all doing well.

I had a real busy weekend a couple of weeks ago and I’m so thankful for that, I definitely needed it after losing Buster.

Anyway, lets get onto what this post is actually about which is the Warner Bros. Studio Tour otherwise known as Harry Potter World!!

I mean the tickets aren’t cheap but I have wanted to go for a while now, especially with the newly opened Forbidden Forrest, its safe to say we had a great time and it was worth the money.

The single tickets are £39.00, so for jay and I it costed a total of £78, but this entails a 3 hour tour around the Warner Bros Studio learning about one of the most loved stories.

I was definitely acting like a child in a sweet shop, but I think it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

The only downside to HP World is that all of the prices are extortionate, I fell in love with literally everything in the gift shop but I couldn’t justify the prices. Im sure for you die hard potter fans you would spend a huge amount on a Gryffindor scarf or a chocolate frog but I just couldn’t …




Stay Weird … X



Discount Codes

Coconut Lane – driscoll20

Boutique of Molly – jamielee20


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