What I got for my 20th Birthday !!

Hey Everyone,

It’s that time of year where I turn another year older. I am now 20. I turned 20 on the 24th October and I must say I was spoilt rotten.

So naturally, I thought the best blog post for me to do is what I got for my birthday.

Its safe to say that I have been celebrating my birthday the whole weekend.

Friday I had a half day at work which was so needed …

Friday night we had a games night, which I loved, surrounded by a few of my favourite people. On Saturday my mum and step dad drove me and Jay into MK, so Jay could take me Ice Skating which is one thing I absolutely love doing and it turns out its one of my only talents.

Later that Night he also took me for dinner at the Brache, which is where we had our first date. We had a lovely waitress who added some candles to my desert as a birthday treat. Lastly Sunday we had a movie day and Jay also gave me his presents as he had to leave later that night.

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I’ll start with my amazing presents from Jay. He has treated me like a real princess this year. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to spend too much time together during my birthday last year due to his job, so he said he wanted to make up for it this year. I told him he didn’t have to but he did it anyway.

So we will start with the one I know you will all be wanting to know about and that is my huge shark teddy. So me and my mum have been to Ikea a lot lately as we’ve both redecorated our bedrooms. Jay tagged along with us on one of our trips.

Walking through the teddy aisle, I was like a kid in a candy shop. It was like fate when I saw the shark, as we all know how much I love sharks. So Jay offered to buy it for me as a present for my birthday. Of course I jumped at the chance and took him up on that offer.

You would have never guessed I was 20 … thats for sure.

I’ve been wanting some Adidas Nizza’s for quite a while now and I am so pleased that I finally have some. Although I’m having to be very careful because they’re obviously white and I don’t want to ruin them.

Lastly, he got me a pandora ring and a pandora charm. I love them both he couldn’t have chosen better ones if he tried.

I am so lucky to have someone like Jay. I have had the best birthday weekend.

I told you about my half day at work on Friday. So I went in on Friday morning at my normal time about 8.30, although weirdly enough I actually arrived early, which doesn’t happen too often.

I walked over to my desk to find the whole desk covered in balloons & banners and there were 2 bags of presents.

I work within a big group of people however my friend Harriet and I, work as a 2 person team for Opel Ireland.

I was so lucky to have been brought some presents for Harriet, as well as the whole team.

So Harriet brought me a new diary for 2017, because I love having a diary, so I know of everything that I have going on. As well as that she brought me a lovely cup with pugs all over it to use at my desk because I’m always using plastic bottles and she knows how much I love pugs. She also got me a shark game, which of course I love because Its a shark.


I work with such a lovely group of people and I feel so lucky to have gotten all of these presents from them.

So to start of with in my bag there were 2 cornucopia candles in the scent of spiced apple and cinnamon berries, which smell amazing. There was a pug mug and cola flavoured lolly. As well as there being a Doug the Pug book, a pug pen and a book of pugs in costumes.

There was also a few little bottles of hand sanitiser because I’m a bit of a clean freak and I like having a bottle on my desk and in my bag, as you never know when you’re going to need it.

There were some cute little socks with a little reindeer on them and a box of Milk Tray chocolates. Theres a love heart hanging decoration with the quote ‘love lies here’ on it. To finish it off there were 2 nspa moisture creams in grapefruit & raspberry and fresh apple & zesty lime.


I got a cute little smelly set from my mums best friend, which included a perfume, a lip balm and a hand cream.


So the next lot of presents I got were from my Little sister Chloe. She got me a lovely red christmassy type fleece blanket and a gorgeous little candle holder.

One of my favourite presents, was definitely from my stepdad Paul. A couple of weeks ago, I saw some slippers on ASOS. When I saw them I fell in love. So as you can guess, my step dad brought me them.


My brother and his girlfriend also brought me a lovely bunch flowers and some cookies and cream Hershey’s chocolate, which happens to be my favourite.

Lastly, the presents from my mum and step dad. As I told you I was spoilt rotten.To start with we will start with dog socks. Yes, Dog Socks!! Ive been joking for a while about getting Buster some socks so my mum did and surprisingly enough Buster loved them.



Then I got this cool little charger from Ikea. You put the case on your phone and then put your phone on the plus side and it charges your phone. When I saw it I didn’t think it would work but it does and I love it!!!


They brought me some gorgeous homeware for my new room.




I got a beautiful shirt.


I am so grateful for every present that I received this year. I am so lucky to have the amazing family that I do and the friends that I do.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped make my birthday one to remember.

Stay Weird … X


P.S. Jay’s new obsession is tagging me and his mate at 8.30 pm in the same picture of Jeff Goldblum on Facebook every night.

So Enjoy …




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