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    What I got Shelby for her Birthday {Present Ideas}

    Hey Everyone ♥

    So I know it’s late today and I am sorry but I have a horrible headache, so I’ve been building myself up to stare at a screen for a while.

    I’ve decided Sunday is going to be the day I try and get a blog post out each week. As it’s my lazy day, I thought I should at least try to be productive whilst still being lazy!!!

    In this post I am going to give you a few gift Ideas.

    It was recently my best friend Shelby’s birthday, so I thought I would show you what I got her.

    Lets get straight into it …

    First I’ll show you a few things that I got from Coconut Lane … for myself and then I will go into Shelbs presents.

    ‘You go Glen Coco’ is one of my favourite quotes from Mean Girls, so when I saw this I had to get it.

    The second is literally my motto .. If I’m busy and I need to get stuff done, you will not see me with my hair down.

    Some people may think I went overboard with Shelby’s present, however were all entitled to our own opinions …

    Giving presents is one of my favourite, ever things to do, I absolutely love it !!!

    As soon as Shelby and I met we got on like a house on fire. She is absolutely beautiful as well as being a pain in my arse ;). I love her like a sister !! We’ve had our ups and downs but we always come out of it with a stronger friendship. She’s been there for me through some of the toughest times and I have also been her rock at times.

    So to start it off I had to get her a huge bag, because I got a few presents for her.

    The first present I got her was a gorgeous little anklet from Coconut Lane, She’s been going on about Anklets for a while, so when I saw this it was a MUST !!!

    The next present was also from Coconut Lane and she loved this, when I saw this I thought of her, as I think she’s a selfie queen and I don’t believe she can go on a night out without tanning.



    My favourite presents to give people are sentimental presents, that will mean a lot to them, so the frame above is from Wilkinson’s and I also went to my local boots and printed off some photos of me and Shelby together … I put some spares in her card as well just in case she didn’t like the ones I used.

    I myself am obsessed with candles and I know Shelby appreciates a lovely smelling candle as well. I got her a Primark Candle in the scent Prosecco and Strawberry.

    The two make up products that I got Shelby are things that I knew she would use all the time as she is make up crazy and she’s been going on about the Kylie Jenner lip kit since they came out, so I brought her the kylie lip kit in the shade Mary Jo K and I also brought her the Hoola Bronzing and contouring brush.

    You can never go wrong with a bottle wine!!!!


    So I got her another photo frame which is just in a clear glass frame with no border.

    One of Shelby’s obsessions are scratch cards so I brought her one from my local shop and also a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, because again you cant go wrong …

    Another little thing from Primark are a pair of cosy little footlets in a creamy/white colour.

    I think my favourite present for Shelbs is yet another from Coconut Lane, As I mentioned earlier she is a Selfie Queen, so I thought it would be fitting to buy her a Selfie Phone Case which comes with a charging wire. This is basically a phone case with fitted lights in the front so that when you take a Selfie you have better lighting.

    To finish it off I brought her some bits to use in the bath. Two bath bombs from Lush, I got her Sex bomb and Avobath. I also got her some bath salt called sugar dip from Zoella’s new Beauty range.


    Anyways, I hope this was of some interest to you guys.

    Go and check out Coconut Lane. If anything takes your fancy use my discount code of driscoll20 to receive a 20% discount.

    If you have any questions, as per usual make sure to leave a comment and if you liked my post why don’t you give it a like!!!

    Thank you for reading.

    Stay Weird …

    Jamie xx

    P.S. Jay is still obsessed with Robin Hood …


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    1. Jay
      July 10, 2016 / 10:17 pm

      I’m not still obsessed with Robin hood! Haha

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