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    What I’ve been watching /// September

    Who else has been missing my What I’ve been watching posts?

    Trust me, I haven’t forgotten about them … there are two main reasons for the lack of these posts.

    1 – My Memory – I always seem to forget what I’ve watched throughout the month & to stop that, I started writing a list. Can you guess? That didn’t work either!

    2 – I watch things more than once … not in a sickening way like the same thing back to back. However, I do like to watch things more than once i.e. Friends, Gilmore Girls, 90210 and that list could definitely go on for miles!

    Its one of my favourite posts to write because the time I’m not at work is either spent watching TV at home or seeing new releases, thanks to my unlimited card with one of my besties!

    Somehow, the month of September was a lucky one because I seemed to take note of nearly every film/series I watched!

    This month has been a documentary heavy one, that’s for sure!

    – Women who kill

    One of the longest seasons I have ever watched …

    – Evil Genius

    Jay & I originally heard the story told on this documentary, on one of our favourite Youtube channels Buzzfeed Unsolved.

    – American Vandal

    Honestly, I found this programme so funny, mainly because I’m immature and it’s about someone called the ‘Turd Burglar’.

    – Friends


    Image result for friends pivot

    – Set it Up

    Not amazing … I haven’t actually finished it

    – Killer Kids

    This is fucked up, let me just say … never trust anyone

    – Killer Legends

    The one thing that has always scared me about Halloween is the Candyman legend.


    Ok, so this can also be added to the list of over watched documentaries. It’s so sad!

    – Gilmore Girls

    This is my cosy programme!

    Image result for gilmore girls

    – Women Behind Bars

    I never get bored with these types of series.

    – Keeping Faith

    I got a bit bored by this programme. I want to know what happened to her husband, but its just kind of dragging now – I can’t get myself to finish it.

    – Disenchantment

     Just fucking brilliant!

    – To all the boys I’ve loved before

    The ultimate chick flick

    – Greys Anatomy

    McDreamy & McSteamy are enough to get you hooked!

    Image result for mcdreamy and mcsteamy

    – Sierra Burges is a loser

    So relatable, but also unrealistic but I LOVED IT!

    – Killing Eve

    For a drama – This is so funny

    – Friday Night Dinner

    If you haven’t seen this, you are missing out big time.

    Image result for friday night dinner meme


    Stay Weird … X





    1. October 2, 2018 / 7:55 pm

      Omg Gilmore girls is my cosy show too! I really need to watch killing eve, I’ve heard so much about it

    2. October 3, 2018 / 4:51 pm

      I wish I had time to watch loads of shows and films (one of the many reasons on why I love summer). I defo need a catchup x

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