What's in my Make Up Bag {Right Now}

Hello my Lovelies ♥

Sorry I’m late with the blog again … but anyone who knows me and you guys by now, should know I’m not very good at time keeping. Whether is minutes or weeks, time just isn’t my friend

So today I wanted to share with you what is in my make up bag right now. This is not all the make up I own, I have a few boxes full but these are my current favourites.

I’m going to start with my lipsticks, you may see a trend. They are all Rimmel – Kate by Kate Moss.


Due to the fact I have super light skin and light hair, I prefer nudes but more on the darker side of the scale.

My absolute favourite shade is a purple/red in shade [30]. However I normally only wear this on nights out because I’m not brave enough to wear it on a day to day basis [Far right].

The other 2 are ones that I’m happy to wear on a day to day basis as they’re very subtle shades. The [middle] is in shade 19 and the [front] is in the my nude collection in shade 55.

I love dark eyes. I’m not sure what it is a love about the look but it definitely makes my eyes pop.

The first mascara by Rimmel – Lash Accelerator Endless is probably my least favourite. I saw this and picked it up as I was running out of my No7 which I couldn’t purchase locally (I say locally it would have been a trip into town .. but I’m a busy bee). I feel like its quite a clumpy mascara and I am not a fan.

Writing this blog I’m seeing a real trend of Rimmel. This is mainly because I have a look every time I have to go to the local pharmacy. The Rimmel Glam ‘Eyes mascara is a good mascara for someone on a budget.

Lastly, its my all time favourite, No7 Extreme Length Waterproof mascara. Now this is more on the expensive side (for me anyway, I love a bargain). I would recommend this mascara to everyone its a lovely thin brush that separates the lashes perfectly, as well as giving them a lot of length.

Soap and Glory is my favourite brand. Both make up & Body. I love it!!!

Their Super Cat Liquid Eyeliner Pen is again a must have in my make up bag.


My brush collection is a bit of a mix & match situation. As I believe, is the situation with most other girls.

The first blue brush is a cheap brush that actually came in a huge set from eBay. I told you I liked a bargain!!!!

The stippling, blusher and concealer brush are all from Wilkinson’s. When I first purchased them, I didn’t think they would be great, I was definitely surprised.

The eco tools brush came in a Christmas beauty advent calendar, that I shared with my mum.

Leaving the best to last I have my Real Techniques Bold Metals [300, 101, 301, 100] and my Urban Decay Naked 3 concealer brush, which I would highly recommend.


The first high end item I ever brought was the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Fair, which I am over the moon with. The pressed powder I use is again … Rimmel’s – Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in transparent.

The foundations I use are Arbonne Intelligence CC crème in fair and the Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation in Natural Ivory 105.

I’m trying my best to learn how to contour but I cant say its going very well. I brought this contour palette from New Look, which is alright .. but needs to be built up for the product to be visible.

Soap & Glory’s Made You Blush – Blusher in cheeky pink is a gorgeous colour but I would say more of a summer shade. As the weather is changing, its getting colder and if you’re anything like me, when you go out in the cold weather your cheeks turn this colour anyway.


Lastly, I have my essentials, my Soap & Glory Speed Plump moisturiser and my Witch Blemish Stick, which I would recommend to anyone who is prone to break outs.

I have also got a Lacura, double effect eye gel, which is a less popular brand to most, which helps to lighten your dark circles. A lot of the time I use my Rimmel Lip Liner in shade 063 East end Snob as an actual lipstick because I love the colour so much.

Do I really need to explain the eyelash curlers? No. They’re an essential in every girls make up bag.

I keep my make up in Zoella’s new make up bag, which I love!!!!

I adore Zoe and she is one of my idols and her beauty range is incredible.

Anyway I hope you liked my blog tonight.

If you have any questions or recommendations for me, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your views!!!

Stay Weird … X


P.S. Jay hasn’t been home in a while, so I haven’t got the most recent obsession yet.

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  1. November 28, 2016 / 8:21 am

    I have advice with your contouring. Buy palette which is from the first sight similar to Bobbi Brown and it is all about the Wet n Wild duo Caramel Toffee. It is great powder quality just like Anastasia ones even better for me because Anastasia bannana powder is more harder than this one is sooo gentle. And looks gntle on skin. That duo is raved about on yt so I bought it. You can use brush for contouring and do your face like fish and where you have holes in your face there you put counture with this powder it is perfect to do it. So you do your contour half the way to your mouth! You don’t do your conour near the mouth. Just half way. So next or first if you don’t wanna mess you can use that bannana powder in duo and put it down near your contour that will come above it and put it down rhat your conoure shade don’t make mess or your brush. And when you do your contour just use bigger brush to brush the excess of bannana powder.
    You can also use that bannana powder under your eyes to set your concealer. It is sooo good and nice quality of the duo! I personally compare it to the look of Bobbi Brown and the quality is even better than Anastasia palette

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