Why I didn’t commit to ‘blogmas’ this year

Christmas is the time of year where a lot of people are expected to throw out more content to any loyal followers and don’t get me wrong I love the tradition but I know how hard it can be, I tried last year and it completely flopped as it is, I’m struggling to write a post every month.

To be honest with you all, I seem to always have an excuse as to why I’m not posting content regularly but I think its just because I’m lazy. I work 8-5 Monday to Friday in an office staring at a computer screen, so its often nice to get home chill in my pyjamas without my fingers tap tapping away.

Due to working on the phones its common for me to get home and not want to talk at all. I don’t know why I used the word common there because this is actually quite uncommon. My mum always says that I have word vomit because when I was younger when most people were learning their first words I was working on being a mute.

Which ended up in my going to speech therapy …

Who else thinks she regrets that decision now?

(If you know me well I’m pretty certain I know what you’re thinking)

I know a lot of bloggers out there, are daily bloggers so push out content every day but that’s just not me! I throw all my congrats to them because that takes a whole load of dedication and patience. I need time to myself, time with my family and of course my bed however a lot of bloggers live the dream by doing it full time!


Festivities for me have already started, I am such a Christmassy person and no matter how many Grinch’s there are out there, I won’t be ashamed for starting my Christmas shopping in August or for cracking out my elf t-shirts in November … I’m going to enjoy Christmas while I can.

FYI – If you’re a Grinch, I don’t hate you. I just want you to cringe whilst reading this …


I’ve done it again, rambling on as usual and not getting to the point! I am most certainly not clever enough to create a title that will make you wonder what this post is about as I’m pretty straight to the point, so if your reading this I can only assume that your interested in what I have to say.

Christmas to me is a family holiday. All I want to do during November/December is spend time with my loved ones.

At this moment in time that is boxercise with Harriet, Christmas movies with Rach, arguing about what to get one & another with Paige & of course watching I’m a Celeb with mum & Paul & I guess you could say Jay in spirit. Blog posts every day for 24/25 days takes a lot of work. Typing for hours on end, photoshoots and proofreading …

This time could be spent with a mate who needs you by there side or a helping hand to your parents with wrapping presents. Around Christmas, well anytime really it’s the little things that mean the most.

I haven’t committed to blogmas this year because I SUCK at planning. When I plan a blog series my mind seems to work overtime getting excited, doodling down plans and overthinking which ends up with me regretting my decision before I have even started and by that time I’ve probably already told you all about my colossal goal. I like to think I’m good at planning but starting my blog made me realise that writing lists aren’t all that’s needed when ‘planning’.

Ideas are nothing when you don’t work your arse off to make them something you would be proud of!

I used to think my writing was going to be the cause of my blogs downfall but I actually think my photographs are now! The fun fact about this is that I was very close to failing English but passed my photography course with flying colours. Although, I have always loved writing even though it was never my strong point.

Somewhere hidden in my memory box, I am pretty sure will be a copy of my ‘best seller’ when I was around 10. Obviously when I say ‘best seller’ I mean mother Julie told me that it was the best thing she’s ever read and set me unrealistic goals for the future. I love you, mum! 


I have spent so much money on buying props, products and even equipment for photos and no matter how long I spend setting up and laying the ‘perfect’photo out, it never compares to other bloggers out there.

I know, I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others but there are so many amazing bloggers out there that I aspire to be like!

Anyway, that’s my ramblings for today, if I don’t speak to you before Merry Christmas!

Stay Weird … X



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